About Newlight Schools

Founded in 1991, Newlight schools offers a complete education system for your children. Our Nursery, Baby class, and Pre-Unit levels offers a family touch to the kids. parents do not have to search for primary schools in Kenya for their pre-unit kids since they can automatically graduate to our Junior Academy. And for the secondary education, Our Girls Senior offers the ladies an atmosphere suitable for learning and performance.

Students can join Newlight Girls Senior at any stage between Form 1 and 3 and at any time of the year. However, we recommend Early registrations to be conducted. Pupils can also join Newlight Junior Academy at any time of the year and at any stage of education from Class 1 to 8. Our group of schools is an academic giant in Kajiado when it comes to Kenya national exams, new light junior academy has been ranked as the top school in Kenya over 6 times in the recent years. Newligh senior boys isĀ one of the senior schools in Nairobi.

Newlight senior boys, on the other hand, is ranked among the top 100 schools in the Kenya. Our schools have an array of recreational facilities to ensure that we create a holistic learning environment that also promotes the growth of talent in the student population.


With French classes and other languages, our students are competitive internationally.



Our schools are equipped with recreational facilities such as swimming pools and indoor and outdoor play areas to promote healthy growth.



From Literature to storybooks, our libraries offer the enthusiastic environment for your child.



The teachers and all members of staff are qualified to cater for the needs of all the different types of students in a humble and strict manner.

Newlight group of schools

Newlight Play School - Kayole



The school provides a friendly and serene environment to nurture your children with handpicked teachers that are trained to cater for children at this tender age.

Newlight Junior Academy - Komarock


The school has been a hallmark of excellence in providing top performers in national exams. The previous rankings have the school topping the nation 6 times.

Newlight Senior Girls School - Kitengela

The school provides a well rounded student population. This is the only school in Kajiado that teaches French along with providing world class education.

Newlight Senior Boys School - Komarock

The school has been spearheading success stories when it comes to producing morally upright and educated young men. It has been ranked in the top 100 schools nationally.

News and events


Open day(Newlight Junior Academy and Nursery)-Monday 6th January 7.00a.m-4.00pm)


Opening day Monday (Play group, PP1 & newcomers) 6th January (PP2 Gr 2-Yr 6)


Opening day Tuesday (for both senior boys and girls) 7th January

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